Passend zur Hochzeit gibt es auch den Hochzeitssong. Na gut, eigentlich ist es nur ein Song, den Steinmaus für sunnie ausgesucht hat, und der genau das wiedergibt, was er immer dann empfindet, wenn sunnie nach einem wunderschönen Wochenende leider wieder zurück nach Aachen muß.

When you're gone

Bryan Adams: When you're gone (with Melanie C.)
taken from the album
on a day like today
©1998 badams music limited (ascap) / sony music publishing uk ltd. (prs)

i've been wandering around the house all night
wondering what the hell to do
i'm trying to concentrate but all i can think of is you

well the phone don't ring cuz my friends ain't home,
i'm tired of being all alone
got the TV on cuz the radio's playing songs that remind me of you

baby when ou're gone - i realize i'm in love
the days go on and on - and the nights just seem so long
even food don't taste that good - drink ain't doing what it should
things just feel so wrong - baby when you're gone

i've been driving up and down these streets
trying to find somewhere to go
ya i'm lookin' for a familiar face but there's no one i know
this is torture this is pain - it feels like i'm gonna go insane
i hope you're coming back real soon - cuz i don't know what to do

(repeat chorus)
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Bryan Adams with Melanie C
When you're gone
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